I am currently [last update: Jan 2024] looking for an internship in the US. Please reach out if you are interested in hiring me. I will be working at an open-source software company for the upcoming summer. However, you can still feel free to contact me if you have an opportunity I might be interested in working on next year. My email: i@[TLD of this site]

Hello! I am Salty Fish.

You are welcome to join my Telegram channel @realSaltyChannel, reach me on Telegram @realSaltyFish or email me at i@[the TLD of this blog].

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Now I am pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. My interests broadly lie in the intersection of computer security and systems.

My daily driver OS is Arch Linux because I like to keep things simple. My servers typically run Debian GNU/Linux. In case you are interested, the window manager of my choice is AwesomeWM.

I proudly use Neovim as my only text editor. I will never use VS Code as it is not FOSS - most of its source code is released under the MIT license, but Microsoft's binary release is proprietary and contains proprietary code (which, of course, include telemetry!). Pretty much like Chrome versus Chromium.

I like maintaining my own servers because I want control over my own data. I believe that every person deserves privacy. Large tech company monopoly over user data is an offense to our basic human rights. I am currently learning Kubernetes and managing larger infrastructures on my own.

And yes, I am an FOSS advocate. FOSS is inherently aligned with our rights to privacy, rights to information and rights to digital dignity. I avoid non-FOSS software as much as I can.

I am not good at algorithm exercises, but whatever I need to do (or want to do), I eventually figure it out, including algorithm exercises I believe. I have experience with C++, C# and Rust, so I can write my own software, but I prefer operations to development. Thus, most of the time I code in Python and shell scripts.

I know a bit of formal verification (with Dafny), and a bit of computer game design & development (with Unity). Hope one day I will have enough free time to develop my own game.

I was a Hackintosh user several years ago, and I have made important contributions to BrcmPatchRAM2. I gave up Hackintosh in favor of Linux since 2021.

New posts will likely be written in English but some will still be in Chinese, depending on the main target audience.